Benefits of Music on the Brain

Benefits of music on the brain

Through the progression of neuroscience, scientists have now confirmed the many benefits of music on the brain.

A few of the benefits of music on the brain include; increased brain activity, improved memory, better concentration and even faster and more developed connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The studies also show that these benefits are extremely potent in the early year development stages of a child.

Check out this awesome video we’ve found on this topic!

What a fantastic video about the benefits of music on the brain, wouldn’t you agree? The staff of Templesprings came across this video on YouTube, and it was highly informative. It is fascinating to know the impact playing instruments/being a musician has on the brain. Describing it as a full body workout but for the brain absolutely makes sense to us. As teachers, we can see the impact that learning music has on the student’s development. We use music to help develop our youngest students through our programme called Mini Mixers. If you have a child who’s under 5 years old, you should consider booking a Taster Session (no obligation free session) to see if this weekly session is right for your child. Book a Taster Session today

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