Recording Session In Grays

Are you a musician looking for a recording session in Grays to record your ideas and to publish them on streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and more? Then you’ve found the right place. At Templesprings Music Centre we will assist you with an All-In-One studio experience so that you can be left to focus fully on the creative side of your songwriting!

We can help!

An All In One Recording Session

  • Various instruments & instrumentalists on demand
  • State of the art software & hardware
  • Friendly and understanding staff
  • SEN friendly experience

Looking for a recording session in Grays has never been easier. 

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    Looking to learn?

    Our music studio experience isn’t the only service we offer! Templesprings Music Centre is an afterschool provision in which children AND adults can learn how to play instruments such as the Keyboard, Guitar, Drums or even the Violin! If you’re looking to learn, you should check out our courses page for more!