Kids Group Singing Lessons

£80 Per Month

+ £35.99 Booking Fee

Singing is a vital part of being a musician. It helps children to develop a musical ear, especially when paired with a musical instrument. Singing lessons are group sessions and are 45 minutes.

Payment Terms:

Invoices are generated on the 25th of ever month, to be paid by the 1st.

Payments should be made via Bank Transfer using our Bank Details:


Account Number: 23570363

Sort Code: 20-34-69

If you pay using Childcare Vouchers, please make payment at least 3 days before the due date.

Please Note: Invoices need to be paid by the due date, otherwise there will be a late fee of £12.00 applied to your account.

However, if the fees are not paid by the due date, we use a secure system called “Stripe” which will charge the card we have on file for you automatically. Please note that Stripe will charge a convenience fee of 2.84% to process the transaction

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01375 800 979 to speak to Accounts.


Develop the musical ear

Learn to match and sustain note pitch

Learn breathing techniques

Learn how to use the diaphragm

Sing and play at the same time

Performance techniques and microphone practice

Sing popular songs with confidence

Templesprings is great for raising kids' morale and instilling confidence in them that they can achieve whatever skill they set their minds to..


We want to thank you both for your great support; the exceptional care and love the children experience in Templesprings is amazing.

Mavis & Roger

Thank you guys, to the AMAZING tutors they wouldn't be here without you, so thank you!  .