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   Ariana Grande 

Childhood :

Ariana Grande was born on 26 June 1993 in Boca Raton in Florida. Her father was Edward Butera and he was a graphic designer.Ariana’s mother named Joan Grande was a businesswomen. When Ariana was young, she loved to act and sing so much that she would spend lots of time in children’s theatre groups. Not only that, Ariana sang all around Florida. FUN FACT: Ariana was 8 years old when she had her first ever show ‘Annie’.

Teenlife :

Her first big break came in 2008 when the 15-year-old landed the role of Charlotte in the Broadway production of 13, a play focusing on life growing up in New York City. The early role led to accolades, and Grande won a National Youth Theatre Association Award. Miss Grande was 16 years old when she played the role of Cat Valentine in Victorious ( a teen sitcom ) and also same role for a different show named Sam and Cat.  Did you know Ariana would miss some episodes to sing?

Adulthood :

Now, in the present, Ariana Grande is 30 years old ; her husband is Dalton Gomez. She does not have any kids yet but plans to have in the future. Grande has been too few met galas including one in 2018 theme of Heavenly Bodies and in 2024 Sleeping Beauties. She is now known for being one of the best singers around the world. Ariana is noted for her four-octave vocal range and her signature use of the whistle register. Grande is 1.54 meters tall (a bit short).

Music career :

Ariana Grande created 7 albums. The first one is Yours Truly which was released on 30th August 2013. Second album was My Everything that was released on August 25th 2014. On 20th May 2016, her third album Dangerous Woman came out on that day. Sweetener was her fourth album which was delivered on 17th August 2018. Ariana’s fifth album was Thank U next that was let out on February 8th 2019. Positions Art Card was set out on October 30th 2020. Amazing that her latest album was released on March 8 2024 names Eternal Sunshine. Have you heard that the first song she sang was Somewhere Over The Rainbow?


  • She got her start in musical theatre
  • Ariana is allergic to cats
  • She has been into music since 2011
  • Ariana has made 54 singles
  • She can imitate a crying baby
  • Ariana has 9 dogs

I chose Ariana Grande as my arts inspiration because she is my favourite singer ever for having such an angelic voice and can sing very well and high. She inspires me as no matter what happened to her (problems and unfortunate circumstances in life ) she still carried on with singing. Not only that , Ariana is very kind-hearted and resilient, example of this was the bombing in Manchester 2017, she was devastated to some of her fans pass away and many injured that she even visited them in the hospital and payed for their hospital bills. From this research, i have learnt that God has given us all an unique talent to each and every one of us so we should make use of it. In addition, i have learnt to never give on your dreams and always try your best in anything you do. I ADORE ARIANA GRANDE !